Moments like these...

Her radiance smile only shone to those who looked closely.
The light inside her brown orbs caused the ones who memorized every detail of one to realize she looked the most beautiful.
The Power and the Glory of the One who was working inside her made everything so musically whimsical.
She skipped along the pathways, throwing His glory along the way.
Everything seemed so lovely, inspirable!

God is your provider darling.
Do not worry of what other people fancy.
You look schmancy my dear.
With the Power and Glory of Him,
He is your provider,
And he shall make things lighter.
Even at your darkest.



  1. So beautiful. <3 I love your blog. :)

    xx Mackenzie

    1. *Smiles widely* awe thanks! I couldn't have done it with the person who designed it. <3