Suffering Bringing Glorification

All throughout time, a girl stands distant from the group.
Never uttering a word unless necessary. 
“You are so quiet. Is there anything wrong?”
“Why are you so shy in public?”
“People are going to think you are a stuck up sooner or later.”
“I was not expecting you to be this quiet,” says an online friend.
But she never really tells the full truth to the questions.
She hides everything she possibly can from anyone and everyone. 
“You tend to hide your feelings too much. It is okay to express them,” her father said while hugging her. 
But she conceals from expressing the truth,
afraid that she will soon bother someone with her problems. 
No matter what they say. 

“I think I should go for a while,” she texts slowly. 
“But why?” Her only friend asks.
“Because I’m lost in situations that only God can make straight.” 
“Promise me that you will not do anything.”
She looks around, and then sighs, “I won’t. I just need to clear my life up.”
“Okay, thank you. Goodnight!” Her friend signs off. 

She has prayed to God night after night,
with a burst of hope that everything will change in the morning,
but as she arises upon dawn, she finds herself stuck in the same place. 
There seem to come a time a day where she feels better, 
but it is only a passing thing, a thing that will soon fade away. 
The bleak winter days soon begin to remind her of everything. 
Everything that has happened in the past and present. 
She soon begins to look at her future, wondering what it will bring.
She compares herself to people smarter than her and ponders how she will ever make a living in her present circumstances. 

She dwells on the teachings of David in Psalm 34, 
“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. 
Many are the afflictions of the righteous, 
but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” 
She clings closely to God, knowing that He is her stronghold, 
but she also knows that these things must happen for a cause. 
Everything that is bringing her eyes down into darkness, 
every situation will soon erase from her burdened heart,
every tear will soon be cleared away with gleeful ones, 
and everything will soon come together as it should, 
and someday, it will bring glorification to her,
because what is glorification without suffering?
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Anyway, I wrote this personally, so I hoped you enjoyed it. :) 


A Glass Heart

Her voice is like a beautiful masterpiece,
each note is like a violin on its strings.
Her face is like a sheer veil of powder,
delicate and pale it is when you see it.
Her eyes are like dark blue diamonds,
almost like sapphires.
Her heart...is like a glass heart,
crushed, and now shattered.
Carefully, one must pick up the speckles 
of  fractured, now wounded heart.

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From Me, To You

This is a letter from me, to you.
Something I thought I would never do, 
Suddenly has been becoming true.
I'm watching and directing my own fantasy world,
I never know the touch- the feeling of my fictional friends.
But in the end, my imagination is only a thought
that is scribbled down on paper with a pen.



She stood there, trying to work up the courage,
the courage that seemed like always rejected her.
Maybe she could walk up to him,
But maybe she couldn't.
Maybe the unsureness of these thoughts
would one day go away,
But maybe they wouldn't.
What if she never met him,
the lad that sang to strangers everyday?
Maybe it'll happen someday,
but not today.

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We Are

people are sometimes like snowflakes,
they're strong when more persons are involved,
but when they fall,
small and delicate they seem,
slowly drifting downward
into an empty abyss,
where you seem to melt away 
without anyone watching.



"But I'm only h u m a n and I bleed when I fall down,
I'm only h u m a n and I crash when I break down,
Your words in my head,
Your knives in my heart,
You build me up and then I fall apart, 
'Cause I'm only h u m a n"


Rainy Days


It was a gloomy rainy day and the coldness that had managed to force its way into the old apartment cracks sunk deep into the young apartment owner's bones. But my, my, my a smell so strong filled the cool atmosphere. If you were to step in, your nostrils would immediately sense the homemade apple syrup that had slowly found a way to an opening to leak its way out onto the cookie sheet. 
Quietly, a black cat saw on one windowsill watching the raindrops trickle down the fogged glass, only to come to a halt when it reached the bottom of the window. 
"Harry?" The girl hummed. 
The cat turned his white blotched head, knowing its call of her sweet master's voice, to see her friend lift her up into her pale arms. 
"The apple pie's done, would you like to share it with me and sitting by the window?"
He began licking her hand in hopes she'd pet him while she was at it.
"Yes, yes. I shall pet you while we eat too." She grinned lightly.
I couldn't resist, it's a gloomy day where I live and my mom's making apple pies for our company that's coming over soon, so I took the chance to write something up. I hope you liked it! :)