I know Christmas is in... oh about a week away, and I've done a horrible job keeping up with the winter post that other bloggers are posting. So in that case, this is what this post shall be about! :) 
Okay so we all scroll through Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. before all the snow and such comes... but really, I've come to the conclusion that where I live, those pictures give a non-realistic type of winter. Like seriously. Who goes out in the middle of winter time with snow on the ground with coffee in their hands... barefoot.. and takes a picture of it just to post it on Instagram? Not me. O.o But anyway... looking on the bright side of things *looks at my dad coming home from taking my little sister from school..... he got Starbucks without me!! < Literally! >.<* 

Well, as we all know, Christmas is coming, along with New Years and all the shopping sales. It can get quite chaotic... trust me! I went shopping the day after new years eve with my best friends! (And yes, I got to see the ball drop at their house!) But while this is all happening, just keep in mind on why we're celebrating this amazing time of year (not winter!!! Just Christmas and all that jazz [not a fan of winter as you can see].) Even though life may seem out of whack, just remember He'll be Up There looking down and protecting you everywhere you go! 
(By the way, dat picture is people ice skating in Paris!!! :D Oh gosh... *remembers that I can't ice skate* I need to start my "practices" now... O.O)