"I..." He started to trail off, "here, I want you to have this." Turning away bashfully. Twinkling with delight I traced my long pale fingers along the flowery rim of what seemed to release enchanted sparks. I was... speechless. I looked up, "This, you made it for me?" I asked, wanting to know for sure that he had the right girl. He only nodded and then lifted his head, showing his piercing brown eyes, "I wanted to give you something special." Then... suddenly, something overcame me... I guess maybe the over thinking thoughts, it seemed to sadden me. "Why would you want to give something to me...?" Slowly asking another question. He grinned which seemed like he had a whole story behind it. He gradually lifted up my arms and traced the cuts along them and then spoke, "I wanted to give you something special. Something to give you to show that you're special. I gave you this, because it is special, I picked those flowers in my mum's garden, picking out each one carefully and thoughtfully- even though they're white, and each time one was picked, a thought of you was placed inside my mind." Tears slowly formed inside my eyes, thinking he was done... but he wasn't, "You see sweetheart, that's how you are. You're special in every way, every little thing about you, even if your stories are plain and white, there's only certain colors of your life that show out to some. And that's how these flowers are, if you look carefully, you'll see them full of color, happiness, and... and even lessons from which they had to learn and grow through. That my dear, is one special gift." 
Special gift... special gift... special gift, these words were the only words that echoed inside my blank mind. Feeling a hands gently taking the gift away from my grasp and placing it on my head, I smiled at him. But this time it seemed like more than just an ordinary smile, it was like..... a smile that was meaningful, and full of true happiness. 


  1. Beautiful,just so beautiful! You are such a talented writer

    1. ..... well... um... thank you! <3
      I really don't know how to respond to that. No one has ever told me that before.

    2. I'm surprised! It's amazing! I've already re read it three times now

    3. Haha, awh! Well, I'm glad you like it that much to re-read it that many times. :)