Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time,
A girl who had sapphirey eyes
stared into a different world.
A world where she sat in London,
a world where "hello's" came from
most known faces of reality.
A world where online friends
could meet without an end.
Through the screen she typed,
never wanting to leave,
but people searched for her,
and deep down within she heard them,
and so, she left, leaving that world once again.
But never will she forget those dreams.
Forever in her heart they shall be.

I had originally wrote this for Rose's Who Am I? challenge thing, but then I decided it wasn't the greatest because it doesn't really describe who I am, it just describes my life in my head world and stuff. Anywho! Oh my gosh! Thank you guys sooo much for the 23 followers! I never ever thought I'd even make it to this huge number! I remember when I had my Fearfully and Wonderfully Made blog I only had like 4 followers for 2 years (I eventually just deleted it). You guys are the best! <3


  1. This is such a beautiful poem! And congrats on your followers!! You totally deserve this for your beautiful writings :)

  2. That's amazing!
    I nominated you for an award over on me blog! :)

  3. Oh my gosh I really love it!
    Ugh I totally know how you feel about the four followers in two years, its so frustrating because I had an old blog and the same thing happened to me. CONGRATS ON ALL YOUR FOLLOWERS!

  4. Oh, I also tagged you for The Fashion Tag over on me blog

  5. I love this! My name is Sarah and I'm a Swiftie and Christian too. I'm so glad you're a Directioner and a Swiftie. Most Directioners I know think that her new songs were written for Harry. I really like your blog. (Love the You and I song)

    In Christ,

    1. Thank you, dear! :)
      Yeah, I totally know where you're getting at. Believe it or not, I loved Taylor before I knew about 1D, and I still love her that same amount that I used to. Even after the Haylor drama. >.<