Where to Miss?

I'm still persuaded that this is the train that 1D used for their photo shoot a while back. You know, the one during TMH and Nialler is standing inside a train? Yeah, that one.

"Miss?" A young conductor asked softly, gently tapping my shoulder to awake me,
"You've been asleep for a while... but I didn't have the courage to wake you."
I smiled. A yawn suddenly escaped my lips,
"I'm sorry if I've delayed anything..." I apologized.
"Nah, the station's closed, and we're done for the day. Everyone's left, but I knew you were in here... I didn't want to 'wake you. You looked so peaceful..." 
I looked down, feeling my cheeks warm up. How many guys my age notice things like that? 
"Where ya headin', miss? I could give you a ride since everything around here's closed. That is, if you don't mind."
I looked out the tinted window and wondered. 
"To the stars..." 
He chuckled, "I'd take you there if I could, but I can only catch them, not take people there..."
He then held out his hand, 
"but I can offer you a ride to a hillside painted with more stars than you can imagine." 

P.S. Thank you so much for nominating me, Celia! xx


  1. Rachel you have such a talent of writing. *sobs* Seriously.... I can't believe how beautiful this is. And yes, it looks exactly like that photoshoot they did. [those simply adorable little boys, that are now nearly men] Wait I am going to cry now. I was going to ask you- I want to put your blog on my sidebar [because dear, you are so flawless] and you don't have a button, not sure what to do about that...


    1. *Sobs* I know... they've come so far!
      Um... I'm not so sure either..... you see, I'm horrible at trying to do that stuff and yeah. >.< I guess I'll have to ask someone willing to do it. :) But thank you for asking that... I never realized someone would want to put my on their sidebar! <3

    2. Oh that's totally okay. I would be willing to do it, [if you wish] I kind of design. [something no-one really knows about me. But it's up to you. Oh, and do you have pinterest?

      Love you!

    3. Oh would you? I'd love it if you would. Haha! :) And yes, I do have a pinterest! Since there's a lot of Rachel Fisher's, I just found you and followed! :)

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! <3

  3. This was ADORABLE. oh my goodness. I can see the conductor and everything so clearly. YOU, my dear, have a talent. <3

    1. Thank you! <3 Thank you sooo much. It means a lot...

  4. Your welcome! :) I wuv your blog! That was amazing!

  5. I love your writing!!!
    I've just discovered your blog and I wuv it <3


    1. Awh! Thanks! <3 It means a lot when someone says that... Xox
      Thank you for checking out my blog!