She stood there, trying to work up the courage,
the courage that seemed like always rejected her.
Maybe she could walk up to him,
But maybe she couldn't.
Maybe the unsureness of these thoughts
would one day go away,
But maybe they wouldn't.
What if she never met him,
the lad that sang to strangers everyday?
Maybe it'll happen someday,
but not today.

P.S. Thank you guys so much for the 35 followers. <3


  1. So lovely, Rachel. And right now? I totally get her. :/

  2. I love it! You are so talented! The words seem to come so naturally and your writing is so smooth! Keep writing, I know that I am not the only one who enjoys it!

  3. Congrats on the followers!!! I got your comment back, so what I was wondering is; would you possibly be willing to help me run a Directioners blog? I had asked someone else but they said they couldn't manage two blogs, which is understandable. Just wondering if maybe you'd like to help me, seeing you are a 1D fan! :)

  4. Okay Rachel, I got your comment back:) Thats fine if you can't post too much! I wanted it to be just like a once a week type of thing! You can email me ( elizwolfe99@gmail.com ) so I can get your email and add you to the blog. Thanks sooo much xx

  5. I love your blog! Wow this was inspirational. Thanks so much and keep writing xx


  6. Such a beautiful post! You're so amazing, girl. :)