Happy Christmas Eve!!!

Listen to this softly while reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtxT-bn18OY 

 Christmas... it's that time of year where presents somehow mystically appear underneath the tree one by one, and snow gracefully falls down onto the glacial grass. With the jolly Christmas carolers outside walking around downtown singing the classics, while others listen to their spirit lifting songs, it seems like Tinker Bell is out; fluttering quickly with those silver-glittered wings to light the Christmas tree's lights with pixie dust that magically stands out to the streetwalkers. And it seems on top of that... men are purposing to their beloved, some getting married, some living happily in their Everlasting Home; entering the City of Gold with not even thinking about this life. Some crying... some sleeping, some reading this, maybe someone entering the world right now. Of course... there once was someone truly special that was born into the world to do something for us this day. And His name was, Jesus. Once gave His life for His chosen... us deceiving sinners. What's the true reason for this season people ask?

Him, Jesus, entering into the world preparing for His sacrifice. That's the one and true reason for the season.

Happy early Christmas and New Year! **Hugs**


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    1. *Stutters* um... I dunno.....! I... *shrugs and sighs* thanks you the compliment, but truly, they aren't the greatest things ever. I like yours a lot better! <3 (And I'm NOT just saying that!!!)