I Told Her

I told her that everything would be okay.
I told her that I would erase the dull colors 
so that the world wouldn't seem so grey.
I told her I would do anything to see
her laugh everyday.

And yet, she left me in this place.
Pale her face was lying in that case.
And now I'm sitting here all alone,
without her. Oh, the world seems so lonely.
What am I to do? Without her presence in this place.

I told her that everything would be okay.
But reality came, and she's not fine.
I told her I would never leave her side,
but yet, she left mine. 
Oh, my broken and lonely soul.

I hope you guys like it.. I tried sounding deep here, but I think I failed. o.o


  1. This is deep. I love it. :) <3


  2. This is amazing! You're such a great writer:)

  3. nah you didn't fail. :) this is deep and i really love it <3
    xx. pris
    over the rainbow

  4. Truly beautiful! Love your words. <3