Rainy Days


It was a gloomy rainy day and the coldness that had managed to force its way into the old apartment cracks sunk deep into the young apartment owner's bones. But my, my, my a smell so strong filled the cool atmosphere. If you were to step in, your nostrils would immediately sense the homemade apple syrup that had slowly found a way to an opening to leak its way out onto the cookie sheet. 
Quietly, a black cat saw on one windowsill watching the raindrops trickle down the fogged glass, only to come to a halt when it reached the bottom of the window. 
"Harry?" The girl hummed. 
The cat turned his white blotched head, knowing its call of her sweet master's voice, to see her friend lift her up into her pale arms. 
"The apple pie's done, would you like to share it with me and sitting by the window?"
He began licking her hand in hopes she'd pet him while she was at it.
"Yes, yes. I shall pet you while we eat too." She grinned lightly.
I couldn't resist, it's a gloomy day where I live and my mom's making apple pies for our company that's coming over soon, so I took the chance to write something up. I hope you liked it! :) 


  1. I love it!! Such a sweet feeling when I read this. :)

  2. I really liked this, wish my rainy days were this warm and comfy.

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

    1. Haha, well, just for the record, 99% of my rainy days aren't usually like this either.

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    1. Thank you! <3 And thanks for following me. :)

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