Suffering Bringing Glorification

All throughout time, a girl stands distant from the group.
Never uttering a word unless necessary. 
“You are so quiet. Is there anything wrong?”
“Why are you so shy in public?”
“People are going to think you are a stuck up sooner or later.”
“I was not expecting you to be this quiet,” says an online friend.
But she never really tells the full truth to the questions.
She hides everything she possibly can from anyone and everyone. 
“You tend to hide your feelings too much. It is okay to express them,” her father said while hugging her. 
But she conceals from expressing the truth,
afraid that she will soon bother someone with her problems. 
No matter what they say. 

“I think I should go for a while,” she texts slowly. 
“But why?” Her only friend asks.
“Because I’m lost in situations that only God can make straight.” 
“Promise me that you will not do anything.”
She looks around, and then sighs, “I won’t. I just need to clear my life up.”
“Okay, thank you. Goodnight!” Her friend signs off. 

She has prayed to God night after night,
with a burst of hope that everything will change in the morning,
but as she arises upon dawn, she finds herself stuck in the same place. 
There seem to come a time a day where she feels better, 
but it is only a passing thing, a thing that will soon fade away. 
The bleak winter days soon begin to remind her of everything. 
Everything that has happened in the past and present. 
She soon begins to look at her future, wondering what it will bring.
She compares herself to people smarter than her and ponders how she will ever make a living in her present circumstances. 

She dwells on the teachings of David in Psalm 34, 
“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. 
Many are the afflictions of the righteous, 
but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” 
She clings closely to God, knowing that He is her stronghold, 
but she also knows that these things must happen for a cause. 
Everything that is bringing her eyes down into darkness, 
every situation will soon erase from her burdened heart,
every tear will soon be cleared away with gleeful ones, 
and everything will soon come together as it should, 
and someday, it will bring glorification to her,
because what is glorification without suffering?
Gah, I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything... *sighs* I'm a horrible blogger. 
Anyway, I wrote this personally, so I hoped you enjoyed it. :) 


  1. This was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing<3

  2. Oh, Rachel, I loved this so much, dear *hugs*
    You are a fabulous blogger! :)

  3. So beautiful and so true. <3


  4. I love this and I especially love the verse from Psalm that you incorporated as well :)
    You are so talented! I love reading your writing, and it always speaks to my heart in some way!
    -Lauren ❤️

  5. Very beautiful<3 I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! My post is here (http://bethanysbrightlife.blogspot.com/).-Bethany!

  6. *cries* Oh man, this was amazing. I really, really loved this, Rachel. I felt like this could definitely be me sometimes, (or a lot of times) and it was just really inspiring. And the Psalms are definitely some of the best inspirations you'll find out there. Loved this so much <3

  7. This post = perfection
    Thanks for this. Definitely relates more than you'll ever know.

    Molly Marie

  8. You are so incredibly talented! This is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Mary Shelley

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